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Taking FOSS Outdoors

Here is a list of all K-6 modules that have a corresponding Science in the Schoolyard™ Guide. These guides were created by the Boston Schoolyard Initiative, in conjunction with the Boston Public Schools Science Department and BPS teachers. Click the name of the module to download the guide.

Grade Level Module Name
Kindergarten Animals Two by Two Wood and Paper
Grades 1-2 Air and Weather Insects New Plants Pebbles, Sand, and Silt
Grades 3-4 Magnetism and Electricity Physics of Sound Structures of Life Water
Grades 5-6 Landforms Levers and Pulleys

The Taking FOSS Outdoors Folio will give you general guidance for taking your students outdoors, including choosing a study site; managing time, space, students, and materials; and general teaching strategies.

The Science in the Schoolyard™ video (below), from the Boston Schoolyard Initiative, shows teachers and students taking science outdoors. It demonstrates both practical tips for taking your class outdoors and strategies for managing time outside. See the chapter index to the right of the video for a list of the parts of the video, including what FOSS modules are used as examples.

Science in the Schoolyard™ Video

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Select a chapter from the list below.
Getting Started (9:10)
Kindergarten (Wood and Paper) (4:21)
Multi-handicapped Class (grades K-3) (Animals Two by Two) (3:48)
Grade 1 (Air and Weather) (3:42)
Grade 2 (Insects) (3:32)
Substantially Separate grade 5 (Water) (6:58)
Grade 5 (Landforms) (4:31)
Grade 5 (Levers and Pulleys) (6:14)
Credits (0:47)
Play All (43:03)

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Right click to download the Taking Science Outdoors Video in MP4 format. (Note: File is 339 MB)

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